On Southern Buses - Feature Documentary

The stories of six musicians meander along federal roads through the scenery of southern Mexico. The protagonists do not perform in the spotlight of big stages but earn their living with guitars and accordions in the narrow aisles of beaten country buses. Beyond the roadside ditches, they philosophise about the qualities of fighting cocks, tout nutritional supplements or dress up inside filthy backstage rooms of Acapulco nightclubs while dreaming of their leap to stardom.

94min, HD, Spanish
Screenplay: Sven Kirschlager
Producer: Studio Kalliope, Maria Kling
Director: Sven Kirschlager
Co-Director: Sirio Magnabosco
Director of Photography: Sirio Magnabosco
Sound: Bernat Fortiana
Editor: Dalia Castel
Animation: Xaver Xylophon
Sound Design: Julian Cropp

© 2021 sirio magnabosco