I stumbled inside Bob's shop in Hackney last winter, as I opened the door a blow of humid air hit me like a monsoon.
He was sitting down low behind the counter and looked at me like I was in the wrong place, then told me something in such a thick accent that I just nodded, knowing I had no chance.

He presented me with a delicious plate of pie and peas, as I sat down to eat he made another one and did the same, sitting under an old picture of himself with a bunch of eels in his mouth. As I went to pay it turned out he didn't have change so he told me to give him the two missing pounds "next time".

The following days I kept thinking about the place, and Bob. So I went back at lunchtime again, with the camera. Sonny, his helping hand was also there and they were all cool with me around. As I wrapped they told me that after 120 years the shop was finally closing a couple of weeks later, "people don't eat pie and mash anymore".
Bob Cooke is the great-grandson of the founder. The shop is gone.  

3min, 4K
Director, DOP: Sirio Magnabosco
Producer: Elisa Hengen

© 2021 sirio magnabosco